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About this site

Graphic Stimulus is an inspiration gallery curated by Ed Merritt.

Tags & colour labels should make things easy to filter. Colours are matched to the nearest in a range of 256 which I hope will allow for some fairly accurate grouping.

I'll be adding new images as I find them while also gradually uploading the thousands of images I've collected over the years... It could be a long job, but I think it'll be worth it.

Credit where it's due

If you've spotted a piece of your work in this gallery, please let me know so I can link your work to your site.

Unfortunately before this site was built, I hadn't been keeping track of where I'd found things. All new additions will include a link to the original source (where possible). is my personal portfolio site


Ten by Twenty is where I keep things I've made that you can download. Products available currently include fonts, themes, templates and icons.

And finally...

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